Friday, January 25, 2013

What about my gallbladder?

This morning I was reading a blog post by Jimmy Moore - 12 Healthy High-Fat Foods... - and enjoying the list of fabulously yummy* high-fat foods that I have now incorporated into my diet. One of the commenters asked about the gallbladder and that got me thinking. Again.

Just prior to hearing Jimmy speak at the Low Carb Down Under Seminar I found out, the painful way, that I had a gallstone. I asked about the whole gallbladder/high-fat thing in the question time at the seminar - my gallbladder felt like it was about to have a conniption just hearing about all the fat that Jimmy consumed!

Afterwards, I spoke to Christine Cronau, another speaker at the seminar, and she told me that gallstones are produced because we do not have enough fat (saturated fat, that is) in our diet and that if I increased my saturated fat intake the stone would dissolve. She also told me that coconut oil doesn't require bile to digest - how cool is that?!

Recently, I changed my diet from high-carb-low-fat to low-carb-high-sat-fat. Since that time I have not had one gall bladder attack even though I have added lashings of butter to my eggs each morning, consumed coconut oil by the teaspoonful, and enjoyed cream, sour cream and lots of avocado with every meal for nearly 9 weeks. And, every meal has consisted of eggs or meat.

I am quietly hoping, even expecting, that my gallbladder is now very happy and the gallstone is slowly but surely disintegrating, never to be seen of again**.

And to top it all off, the cream on the strawberries so to speak, I have lost weight - right there where my gallbladder and liver reside! Ain't that grand?!

More on weight loss soon.


*Except fish oil - I don't think fish oil is yummy!

** A quote from Lano & Woodley - Starquest @ about 4:32min

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