Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It has been 9 days since I went to the Low Carb Nutrition Seminar - that's how long it has taken me to get my mind somewhat around all the amazing information that went into my head!

I heard Jimmy Moore talk excitedly about "ketones, baby!" and a diet comprised of 85% saturated fat. Sarah Wilson talked about quitting sugar and I particularly connected with her because she mentioned her thyroid! David Gillespie talk about the effects of 'sweet poison' and how it is not fat that makes us fat but sugar. Christine Cronau talked about the revolutionary idea of saturated fat helping us to lose weight and the health benefits of cholesterol.

There were others, too: Dr Ron Ehrlich talked about health care vs disease management ; Dr Simon Thornley, an epidemiologist, showed us, with data and graphs, the relationship of sugar and heart disease; and Dr Rod Tayler talked about whether or not fats, protein and carbohydrates are essential in our diet. Interesting stuff!

Aaron McKenzie from Origin of Energy gave an overview of how he takes a lifestyle approach to nutrition and fitness training to get sustainable results. Suzanne Crawt gave us a short, but sweet (in a good way) biography of her change from a Western Diet to a Paleo Diet and told us how we can hook up with others who live the same way.

Having lived in Uralla for 20 years, I was particularly excited to hear Rob Blomfield, from neighbouring Walcha, tell us about healthy soil, which leads to healthy pasture, which leads to healthy animals, which leads to healthy humans.  He also told us about Omega-6 and Omega-3 and the proportions they are in healthy meat. On a similar note, Vicki Poulter talked about holistic management, in tribute to Bruce Ward, rather than mono-culture. She proclaimed the beauties and benefits of pasture-fed animals and eating grass-fed (to finish) meat and the dangers and disastrous effects of growing and eating grain-fed animals.

Finally, although he was not last to speak, Costa Georgiadis inspired me to get back into my garden, to make compost and grow some food. He talked about produce vs product, intimate vs industrial, farming vs agribusiness. Costa challenged me to question what I put in my mouth and where it came from, and prompted me to ask, "Who are my role models for food?"

The question time at the end probably could have gone on for hours! Questions on a variety of subjects were raised and answered, it was like a comfortable chat with friends about all the things we had heard and was a nice way to finish off the day.

Soon I will start recording the nitty-gritty of sugar withdrawal and saturated fat consumption in my family. I bet you can't wait!

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